Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GoWagr?

GoWagr helps you safely and securely make informal wagers with your friends or anyone on your opinions, events, gaming skills, or anything at all. Make customized wagers on your own terms without having to worry about fraud or the other party not fulfilling the wager commitment.

How do I fund my GoWagr Wallet?

You can fund your wallet with your local currency (Only Naira available for now, other currencies coming soon), or with the stablecoin USDT through the crypto wallet address we provided when you signed up. You can get deposit crypto from any exchange (e.g. Binance, Kucoin, etc) or from a wallet (Metamask, Phantom, etc).

What is the minimum amount I can use to create a wager?

You can create a wager with as low as $1

How do I invite someone to my wager?

Once your wager has been created, you can send an invite to specific individuals by entering their unique WagrTag, or you can copy and share the invite link with the person or anyone interested in your wager.

How does the app know who wins?

The app requires you or your opponent to choose the wager outcome (win or tie). The selected outcome you have chosen (win or tie) must be acknowledged or disputed by the other party. Wager stake is released upon acceptance, while contested wagers go through a dispute resolution process.

After claiming a win or tie, can the other party refuse to release the stake?

They have a 24-hour window to accept the wager win or tie claim. Reminder emails and notifications are sent to remind them of the pending action. If after 24 hours, they fail to accept your win or tie claim, or take the wager to dispute, they automatically lose and you are credited.

What happens if an opponent claims the wager wins unfairly?

Contest the wager, and take it to dispute where you present evidence based on the terms and description you have stated when creating the wager, and it will be resolved.

What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution takes place in an in-app chat group, where both parties present evidence to the admin for a final decision. Admins are professionals experienced in the category of the wager created. For example, sports wagers are handled by admins who are sports enthusiasts and professionals.

What is the Wager Marketplace

This is where you can also find people to enter a wager with, when you create a wager, you can post it in the marketplace, this will allow other GoWagr users to search for and find your wager, so they can decide if they want to join. You can also go through the marketplace to find wagers posted by other GoWagr users to join.

How long does a wager last?

Wagers have no expiry, they last as long as the creators and counter decide, or as long as non of the players have claimed the prize. GoWagr is totally flexible and autonomous.

What are the fees?

Creating and joining a wager is free. When a wager has been won, Gowagr takes a small platform fee of 5%